The mirror’s depth

Once upon a dreaming green
By the ocean’s clapping heart
Swayed full with thunder wonder
I saw the river flowing

Change course, dry up
Make islands, golden dreams
Drain fields, ambitions
Unmitigated, oblivious

Winging onward
Like crabgrass, Like dirt
Like winds unhinged

No rhythm so replete as days
Each different, all unchanging
Grief and joy alike
Turn to dross, cheap decoration

You, agent of emptiness, why
This running choice, this still
Cunning, this rumination
Of not ending, not beginning?

I read the universe arose from nothing,
So gone, so not
I try to keep it from slipping shut,
A splendid churl, eyes blinking

On art

Some artists want to own it,
To license the use of it
On their terms, revocable on a whim,
As if the sweet blood that pours out
To rejoin the soil from which it sprang

Could ever be unmingled,
Could be redistilled if the dirt
Were deemed unfit for cohabitation
With such lofty stuff.

As if the close, heavy air
That squeezed out the dewdrop
Was itself unworthy
Of such holy moisture.

All of art is collaboration.
What good is a pot
With nothing to fill it?
What good is a mirror
With no reflection?

Along about now

Along about now,
A particular group of photons,
Some 2oo million light years away,
Is heading in our direction.

They’re out there.

At the same time,
A delegation is leaving my face,
Bound for cosmic intersection.

After all the debates have passed,
Long after the poor old Earth
Has been wrung free of its
Infection of life

Two photons,
Their memories wiped clean
Will pass in the distant night
As unaware of our anguish
As we are of their fate

With regard to veils

It’s time for a brief holiday from the unscrubbed mirror.

So, I see all this stuff
About life and love
And dying
And how the stars echo
Some frail eternal now

And, yes, it’s hard
And though our hands be held
Entwined but ever separate
That skin that marks the boundary
Also holds the keys
And all that

And all that loss
Was dross
And some plain spun funk
Reminds of deathless agony
So far,
So long

Okay, I get that,
But just what is my job here, anyway?