There is only time

it’s not yours to give, take, waste, or spend.
You cannot pass, tell, save, or bide it;
You cannot make it, it will never end.
You can’t stop, have, lose, or find it.

It will not expire, crawl, creep or drag;
there is no past, double, quick or run.
No good times, sometimes, old, or lag;
it can’t be told by clock, or bell, or sun.

You cannot kill it, poison, stop, or shoot it;
there is no hang time, short or long, or nigh.
You can’t restart, replay, reverse, reboot it.
There is only time. It will not die.

You will die.
Time will fly.

The night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and with any luck,
We’d be getting a visit from a UPS truck.
The TV was off and the lights were all on
In hopes to see packages from Amazon.
Thank God there’s no kids to raise a big fuss;
For better or worse, there’s just two of us.
And yet, anticipation can be such a drag.
Had we waited too long to order our swag?
When suddenly out on the porch with a thump
Came a curse and an epithet, “Miserable dump!”
I ran to the door and wrestled it open
(to see lots of boxes, was what I was hopin’).
Instead amidst all the turmoil and noise
On the porch lay a couple of neighborhood boys.
“What the hell are you doing?” I said in a huff,
Hoping the rascals would not call my bluff.
“We was gonna sing you a Christmas carol
But instead ended up ass over barrel.”
I invited them in, and they sang for a tip,
And I trundled them off with good fellowship,
When up the front steps in a jolly brown suit
Came the UPS man, with boxes of loot.
With smiles all around, we parted with joy,
Me, the UPS man, and the neighborhood boys.
I watched the big guy in his UPS suit
Turn and wave at us all with a wink and a hoot.
As he mounted his truck, and rolled up his sleeves,
“Merry Christmas,” he cried, “and watch out for thieves!”