This herky-jerky journey

This herky-jerky journey between madness and content
In the slender strand of a lifetime,
This momentary fragment, when a step forward or back
Means obliteration, just kills me.
I mean I am a directionless wisp,
A whim of contingency.

I know, I know, it’s the speed, not the light,
It’s the memory, not the event, but still,
Can my consequence be detectable?
What is the worth of a single bubble, unique but common?
I have the same value as a single mote,
A quantum value.

I am the boson of this boat,
My captain has abdicated
In favor of probability.
What pops in also pops out,
What breeds continuity
Also bleeds continuity.

And yet, here we are, our helices entwined,
Our smear upon history irrevocable.
That shallow basin, barely discernible
– Just ignore it.
It’s your destiny.

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