Every society has its rules. These seem to be the ones for 21st century America.

When evaluating schools of thought,
Go with the one that is
Proudest of its contempt for the others.
Take every disagreement, no matter how minor,
As a personal attack on you and your progeny.
When debating, only use other techniques
When you’ve run out of ad hominem.
When you’re feeling inadequate,
Drag everyone else down until you feel better.
Never investigate a questionable assertion
If it is consistent with what you already believe.
In arguments,
Contradict yourself freely.
Impugn the character of your interlocutor
When it’s pointed out.
A person who has spent a lifetime
Studying a particular subject
Is always wrong.
A young, attractive, charismatic person
Is always right,
Especially when disagreeing with a respected scholar.
The less evidence for a proposition,
The more likely it is.
All statements have an equal chance of being correct,
Unless there is evidence in favor of one.
In that case, it is false.
Define passion as
Willingness to be viciously rude and insulting.
Never make a friend
If you can make a buck.
If you don’t understand it,
It is contemptible.
If you see a bandwagon,
Jump on it.
Get angry when others
Don’t jump on the same bandwagon.
Don’t drive unless you’re texting.
You are too smart for rules.

Our motto: Supra Omnia Mihi

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