At the Pub in my Head

Here’s a lovely bit of magic from a splendid poet I just stumbled onto by chance. Enjoy!

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


*Image found HERE

*Prevod dole! 🙂

At the Pub in My Head

My upholsterer,
my carpenter,
architect, painter,
tailor and gardener
were seated at a table,
searching for an ailment
in the beer,
a tired listener
inside one another.

The architect said:
“You should have seen
the look on her face
when she opened the door
and saw no columns!”
He gulped the hop
and moved in his seat,
closer to the secret.
“She told me that she wanted
a bedroom
the size of a coliseum,
walls engraved in stone leaves
and she wanted
the arches to reminisce
howling wolves,
heck! She even asked me to build
the whole thing
as tho it was on the Moon!
I told her
hearts are not stone
and nobody cares
for their geology no more,
so I built you
a house
with plain rooms and walls!”

“Ha, you had it easy,
just ask…

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