Free will

What parts of me lie buried in unstoned ground
Dreams and fears alike leached out
Into the indifferent clay?

What parts of what I am pleased to call
My own invention come down
Through the ancient crossfire of nature and nurture
To the ultimate epi-me,
Striding vainly along memory’s boulevards
Grasping at the heart of things?

Isn’t that, too, some determinate of blood and soil?
Of circumstance stenciled onto a genetic landscape,
Long fixed, long before I thought to uncover it?

Go back far enough, and we are all progeny
Of blind, pointless chemical replication,
Some accident of electromechanical impulse
Upon a sludge.

God’s fate

God was in one of his moods
Lightning seared the mountaintops
Bilious gases erupted in the seas
The earth opened and swallowed cities

Sacrifice a son? For what?
For that pathetic string of snot
Befouling my blue pearl?

Fate, serene, unmoved
Merely kept her gaze
Focused on the navel
Of heaven and earth

You banished them from their birthright
Sent them tumbling, willy-nilly
into the blackness
Of their own hearts
Into deathless ruination
Now some part of your immortal spark
must suffer anguish and die

Alright, alright!
But I’ll make the bastards pay!