Amuse mouche

A breath of reason, quiet
As a slumbering guard,
Easy as falling, effortless
As unknowing.

Then whimsy shifts the burden
And our wings become despair,
The high notion of pointlessness
When all visible light fails

And only the path remains,
Unlit and wholly
Vulgar as a bishop,
Only more like a cat in heat.

The ancient wisdoms fail to impress
Upon us the hasty times
In which we live,
With left baggage

From countless dead hours,
From times when it took
Only a second thought
To kill an idea,

When enslaved and enslavers alike
Believed the same corrupt verses,
When change was a thing
Of generations.

So ring cold the wind,
Bring down the ancient will to
Dance, among the chosen,
And sing, among the frozen.

The old cycles continue,
Now stronger, now weaker,
But always sure-footed, inevitable
Unto the unforeseeable.

The same skills — to kill,
To hunt, to take away without
Hesitation — still function
But how long?

Geology is gaining on us.
Our charts are uncertain,
Blank just where we need them,
Gaping lacunae for us to leap into.

Just before the final extinction

Just before the final extinction
There were strange and wonderful creatures
Elusive slabs of silver
Darting through the water
Among shape-shifting bulbs
Trailing fierce limbs
And some barely-there whisps
Still deadly with near visible
Strands of poison

And the stone-clasping tendrils
Living dually beneath and above
The frothing rock wacked about
By unseen surrounds

Miniscule bits buzzing through the air
But strong enough to pierce the
Thick outards of others
To suck their vital fluids
Long bendy tails with no body
Slinking among roots and shoots
A mouth at one end and nothing at the other
Lumbering bellowing lumps
With long tusks
That dazzled white in the pristine sunlight

Oddest of all, a bipartite creature
Split nearly symmetrical
Nearly similar but cruelly not
Moving by alternating stilts
Spindly and unbecoming
The two halves bound in eternal embrace
Clutching each other’s throat
Desperate to let go
But trapped, trapped by fear of succeeding