Digi-me, digi-you

I recently read that neurologists now think that it may be possible that a single brain cell may be associated with a single idea, one to one.

Digi-me, digi-you

Am I reducible
To a bag of chemicals?
Worse yet, a small sack,
A poultice of a few molecules?

And you, my friend,
A stray neuron?
Is all I know of you,
All our history,
Your tastes, your anger,
The color of your hair,
The annoying way
You crack your knuckles,
Is all of that
A few amino acids? 

I’m bedeviled by the question of
Which one is you?
If they dismantled my brain
Into separate cells,
Which one would be you? 

Or me,
For that matter. 

If they do that
Let’s hope we don’t
Fall into the wrong

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