Why whales beach themselves

Once, long ago,
Whales lived on the land
With their cousins, the humans

There was sunshine
And rain so gentle it caressed
The thin and delicate skins
Of men and whales alike.
They cavorted together,
If you can imagine a creature
So ungainly
As a human

There was plenty to eat.
Winged seeds, and tiny flying shrimp
Were everywhere.
All you had to do was open your mouth,
Sit back,
And nourishing goodness filled your body.

Then humans hatched a plan.
They would knock down the bounty
That was free to all
Collect it
And hide it away for themselves.

Naturally, God was annoyed.
All the goodness he had spread
Was gathered in dark pits,
Hidden away and guarded.

But humans blamed the whales,
And God was not experienced in deceit.
So he banished the whales,
And doomed them to swim forever.

Still, some great and wise whales remember,
And fling themselves back on the land to die.

The damned humans, of course,
Put them back in the water.

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