I am listening to Brubeck in front of Starbucks
While latte frothy brain edges perception-wise
While cars pass in review sound merging
And twining through and beyond
Fading like fake sunset dioramas
Unable to bring Desmond down yet intruding
Like the voices calling double venti caramel
No whip sweet chai banana moo goo
Cappuccino si
Cappuccino no
Endless looping filmstrip Sunset Strip
Girls from school from work from home
With infants attached to cars or boyfriends
Backseating or in front posing for no mirror no camera
When suddenly along the street comes a hipster chick
All black tights and lashes attitude shades aloft
Pushing a four wheel off road warrior racing pram
A man in a tight too small iron suit whistles by
And two ankle painted boys hip hoppy smirking jerking
And all times all places all beings  converge
Hippies beats beggars bankers posers
Lunatics rockers private soundtracks dangling
On a warm sunny hashtag morning in January

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