An ankie taile

A bit of whimsey to start off the week.

Gorra, an lie kracket
the wee dawnie dae
from splet to splet
an a’ the weasel kinges
clambeth op.

A northie hawke has flet!

Hoo kenna splenna laik
the mermal twae?
Wan an twee dipsa swan
tell a’ the crukdum sings
an die, an stop.

A northie hawke has splet!

an ney willa cumagin
furrah the bashie wail.

In leaps dawn

In leaps dawn
Like impetuous whimsey
All dressed in fiery red
Eyes burning with mad ambition

A pox on sleep!
The fawning dead
Drifting endlessly into

Not for us!
Up like buttercups
Like spiky woven thistles
Up toward the solar apogee

Until finally, inevitably,
The long graceless glide
Begins again

In slips dusk
All dusky